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HSC 206 Global Health Research Guide

Hello and welcome to the guide for Health Sciences course number 206: Global Health. My name is Kent LaCombe and I am the departmental liaison for the health sciences program at ISU.

What's in this Guide

Welcome to the course research guide for HSC 206: Global Health.  This guide is intended to provide a starting point for your class research and resource questions.  In it you will find links and information that provide credible resources for your health sciences related research questions.  My name is Kent LaCombe and I am your subject specialist in the health sciences.  I strongly encourage you to investigate this and other research and course related guides available through Milner Library's web resources.  Regardless of your subject knowledge or program of study; Milner Library has many resources; both digital and human, that are readily available to help you succeed.

  • Recommended Resources
    Find databases and other resources to help you with your research projects.
  • How To
    Learn how search for information, evaluate sources, and find items in the Library.
  • Credible Websites
    Links and information to more resources.

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