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Academic Writing

This guide provides guidance, tips, and examples about different types of academic writing like literature reviews, annotated bibliographies, and abstract writing.

Zotero & Annotated Bibliographies

To create an annotated bibliography, you need to select a style designated for that purpose. Currently, Zotero has two styles with that capability: APA 7 and Chicago 17 notes.

  • Step 1, you need to add your annotation to the source's record.
  • Step 2, add the style to your default list of styles.
  • Step 3, create the annotated bibliography.

Step 1: Add Annotation to Source Record

The Extra field in the source record is the field designated for annotated bibliographies. Add your text there to include the annotation when you create the bibliography. View the Modifying Source Records page to learn more about working with source records.

  1. Select the source in the collection/folder
  2. Click in the Extra field
  3. Type or paste annotation into the field

example of text in the extra field

Step 2: Add the Style

  1. From the Edit menu, click Preferences
  2. Click the Cite tab and make sure the Styles tab is selected
  3. Click the Get additional styles... link at the bottom of the list section
  4. In the Style Repository window, search annot
  5. Click the style you want to use
  6. Click the OK button

Step 3: Create the Bibliography

  1. Right click over the collection/folder you want to use to create the bibliography
  2. Click the Create Bibliography From Collection... option in the popup menu
  3. In the popup window, select the Annotated Style and the Output Mode you want
  4. Click the OK button
  5. Depending on your Output Method, follow the prompts to save or print
    1. If you chose Copy to Clipboard, open a blank document and paste the content into it

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