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Lexington High School

Guide for Mrs. Burcenski, Lexington High School English class, Spring 2024

How to utilize your time here

You have access to databases because you are actually here at the library - once you leave you won't have access to our databases.

Soooooo... Search and Save EVERYTHING
And I mean evrything.
If you don't need it then you don't have to use it.
But if you need more articles after you leave Milner / ISU, well, it's a little more difficult to get.

Here's a few suggestions:

  • Read the abstract or the table of contents to see what the article or book are about. Make a judgement based on that to save it for reading later or not.
  • If you find 1 or 2 "perfect" articles, look at the bibliography or works cited page to see if there are resources listed there that you can search for specifically.
  • Save the "deep reading" of your resources for after your day here.
  • Don't worry, you can check out lots of books.

Technology and Technical help

Knowing why to save all of your research is one thing. Actually saving all of your research is something else.

When using the databases:

  • Most databases have a way to email the whole article to yourself.
  • If you can't find that, it might be easier to download or save to your flash drive.
  • Many databases will also email or provide you with the MLA formatted citation!

There are lots of copiers in the library. You'll need to buy a copy card and then add money to it.

But here's a hint - There's a FREE way to make copies at the library.
We have flat bed scanners. All you need is either a flash drive or a Google account.
You can scan and save a digital copy - for free!
But if you like or want to have an actual copy / piece of paper, you'll have to go the copy card route.