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CHE 251 - Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry

Resources to help you conduct research for CHE 251

What's in this Guide

Welcome to the Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry Guide


This guide is a collection of links to a great many resources  of potential use to you in this course.  These links are brought together to help you make efficient use of your valuable time generating your ideas, organizing your evidence, and effectively communicating your ideas and the evidence for and against the idea.

  • Home: On this page will find information on the structure of the guide and where to find various kinds of information within this guide.
  • Databases: On this page you will find the necessary resources to help you find journals, articles, and information on structures you will need for this class.
  • References Sources: On this page you will find links to encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, and glossaries that will help you answer some of the questions you have.
  • DOIs: On this page you will find information to help you understand and make use of DOIs.
  • ORCID: This links you out to the ORCID homepage where you can find more information about this tool for helping track authors across all of their publications and presentations.

If you are having difficulties accessing resources you can contact the Subject Librarian (information in the box to the right), the Milner Library Reference Desk (in the box to the right and down, and there is a library of Help Videos that can help you as well.

Connect with the Library from Off Campus

Here are some tips to help you access materials from home.

  1. Start at Milner Library's home page or any research guide.
  2. Consult the Research, Subject, and Course Guides to find recommended resources and research help.
  3. Use the Chat or Email function to access our virtual reference desk.
  4. Contact your Subject Librarian for help.

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