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COM 297 - Communication Research Methods

Research guide for students in COM 297 to assist with your coursework.

Call Numbers in the field of Communication

Communication is a relatively new academic discipline. Therefore no single letter or call number in the Library of Congress Classification System represents all topics in the field of Communication.

Various types and aspects of communication are located throughout Milner Library's collection. The largest collection of general communication titles is on the 6th floor in the P87-96 call number range.

Following is a list of most communication related call number areas. This list may be especially useful for browsing.

Floor Call Number Range Subjects
Floor 3 BF 637.C45 Interpersonal Communication
Floor 4 HD 30.3 Communication in Management
Floor 4 HD 59 Public Relations
Floor 4 HE 7601-8700 Telecommunications Industry
Floor 4 HF 5717-5746 Business Communication
Floor 4 HF 5801-6182 Advertising
Floor 4 HM 131-134 Small Groups, Social Groups
Floor 4 HM 251-291 Social Psychology
Floor 4 HM 1206 - 1220 Mass media
Floor 4 HM 1221 - 1226 Public Relations, Publicity
Floor 4 HM 1231 Propaganda
Floor 4 HM 1236 Public Opinion
Floor 4 JF 515 Parliamentary Procedure
Floor 4 JK 849 U.S. Government Publicity, Relations to the Press
Floor 4 KF 241.C65 Legal Research, Communications
Floor 4 KF 2750 Press Law
Floor 4 KF 2761-2849 TV and Telecommunication, Law and Legislation
Floor 4 KF 4290-4302 Motion Picture Law
Floor 4 KF 4298-4783 Freedom of Expression
Floor 6 LB 1042.5-1044.8 Audiovisual Education
Floor 6 LB 1572 Speech, Oral Education
Floor 6 P Linguistics
Floor 6 P 87-96 Communication, Mass Media
Floor 6 P 99.5 Nonverbal Communication
Floor 6 PN 101-147 Feature Writing
Floor 6 PN 160-162 Editing
Floor 6 PN 207 Argumentation
Floor 6 PN 1990-1992.95 Broadcasting
Floor 6 PN 4001.4355 Oratory, Elocution
Floor 6 PN 4699-5650 Journalism and Magazine Publication
Floor 5 TR 820 Photojournalism
Floor 5 Z 116-265 Book Industries and Trade, Printing

Milner Library Floor Maps with Call Number Locations

Need to find a specific book, journal, magazine or other item on the shelf at Milner?  Get the call number from Milner's Catalog and then use library floor maps to find the shelves with your call number.