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Special Education

Subject guide for the discipline and field of special education.

Deaf Culture and deafness

This guide seeks to provide resources and selections regarding deafness and Deaf culture. Some of these entries may use the capital "D" Deaf or the lower-case "d" deaf, which are meaningfully different. The National Association of the Deaf quote Carol Padden and Tom Humphries (1988), "We use the lowercase deaf when referring to the audiological condition of not hearing, and the uppercase Deaf when referring to a particular group of deaf people who share a language – American Sign Language (ASL) – and a culture." As such, this guide attempts to follow this pattern, however some titles or navigation items may use capitalization while still referring to deafness rather than the Deaf community.

  Padden, C., & Humphries, T. (1988). Deaf in America : voices from a culture. Harvard University Press.

Selected Journals

Note: All of the following selections are linked to Milner Library, additionally all are available online and are peer-reviewed selections.

American Annals of the Deaf : The American Annals of the Deaf, originally the American Annals of the Deaf and Dumb, is a professional journal that for the past 175+ years that publishes materials focused on education and related services for deaf and hard of hearing children and adults with the intended audience of teachers, administrators, and researchers.

American Journal of Audiology : The American Journal of Audiology is a quarterly journal focusing on clinical practice and research into audiology.

Deafness and Education International : Deafness and Educational International is a quarterly journal that publishes papers relevant to the education of infants, children, and young people who are deaf or hard of hearing with a focus on development, linguistics, cultural, and social development.

Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education : The Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education (JDSDE) is a quarterly journal that publishes applied research relating to deaf individuals, cultural, growth and development, linguistic, and educational topics.

Journal of the American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association : The Journal of the American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association (JADARA) is a publication that deals with research findings, program descriptions and articles on deafness, the disciplines of rehabilitation, social services, mental health, and other related fields.

The Volta Review : The Volta Review is an annual journal that reports findings that explore development of listening and spoken language by individuals with hearing loss.