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Special Education

Subject guide for the discipline and field of special education.

Locate Books

Quick Tips

For books in Milner, search by the filter Library Catalog

example - select Library Catalog from search drop down

To find I-Share books, filter by All I-Share Libraries

example - select I-Share Libraries from search drop down

For a more accurate search, use quotes, e.g., "emotional intelligence"

example - using quotations with search terms

Use Advanced Search to combine search terms and filters

example - advanced Library Catalog search

Requesting Books

If you are off campus, you can request a Milner book be sent to another I-Share library near you. Check out this video to see how to request a book and select a pick-up location other than Milner Library.

Call Number Ranges

Most books on Special Education can be found on the Floor 6 in the LCs. However, there are some related topics on Floor 4.

Look in these call number ranges for most books related to Special Education.

Call Number Range Subject
HV888-907 Children with disabilities
HV1551-3024 People with disabilities
LC 3950-4806.5 Exceptional children and youth
LC 3991-4000 Gifted children and youth
LC 4001-4806.5 Children and youth with disabilities.

Interested in how long you can check out a book? View the list of loan periods Milner resources.

Reading Call Numbers

example - how to reach call numbers

Read the first line in alphabetical order
A, B, BF, C...

Read the second line as a whole number
1, 3, 45, 100, 101, 1000, 2430

Read the third line in combination.
First, read the letter alphabetically.
Second, read the number as a decimal .65
(some call numbers have 2 or more letter-numbered lines.)

The last line is the publication date.
Read it in chronological order.
1989, 2010, 2016

Reading eBooks

There are three ways to read eBooks:

  1. Read in your browser
  2. Download to your laptop or tablet
  3. Print one or more pages

In most instances, you will be prompted to log in using your Central Login username and password before the eBook is displayed, whether or not you are on or off campus.

The steps to download or print an eBook are dependent on the publisher's website. Consult our eBook Guide for specific information about each format.