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Resources to support research in art & architecture at Milner Library and beyond

What's in this Section

In this section, find a variety of tools and strategies for finding, editing, and storing images.

  • Search Strategies Learn strategies and techniques for finding a variety of images, photographs, and artwork.
  • Tools: Editing & Storage Find a variety of free tools for editing and storing images.
  • Open Access Learn how to find open access, public domain, and copyright free images.

Images Databases

Get Started with These Milner Databases

Using Images from Milner Databases

Images in Milner Library image databases have some restrictions on use.

Typically, images can be used for:

  • student papers
  • student presentations or multimedia projects
  • faculty classroom presentations
  • course online environments restricted to Illinois State University users only

You must get permission, to use images for:

  • the open web such as websites or blogs regardless of status: personal, non-profit, or commercial
  • commercial or for-profit products or projects
  • faculty publications
  • print brochures for public distribution

Each image database has slightly different use requirements. Read the database's conditions-for-use statement to determine acceptable use.

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