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For marketing majors, those taking marketing classes, entrepreneurs, and students with interdisciplinary projects, this guide will help you with all aspects of researching for your marketing project. 

Finding Articles

Before you start searching, you should plan your search. I recommend making a list of all possible search terms, based on topic, company, industry, target market, and anything else you can think of. Make a list of the requirements for your search, especially date and source type (e.g., scholarly journal or newspaper).

There are two ways to search for articles in Milner Library:

  1. By a specific database. 
  2. Articles Tab: An instruction video is below. This is also a link to our Help Videos page for more information and videos.

There are a number of databases focused specifically on business publications that can help you find and access more specific information. 

What are articles?

First, a few definitions. 

Journal: A regularly published collection of articles that focus on topics specific to a particular academic discipline or profession. You can find a list of Top Ten Journals for your subject on the "Top Journals" page of this guide.

Article: An issue of a journal contains several articles. These are typically very focused on a single topic and can cover news (in newspaper articles), research (in scholarly journals), or other topics. They can range in length from a few paragraphs to dozens of pages.