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Faculty FYI Guide to Milner Library

This guide addresses a broad array of Library services unique to your research and teaching needs.

Information Fluency

What is Information Fluency?

A holistic approach to the way students learn to interact with information related to their studies and personal lives. Our programming creates a foundation to build teaching and learning opportunities that encourages engagement and higher order thinking.

How is Information Fluency Defined?

The ability to critically think while engaging with, creating, and utilizing information and technology regardless of format or platform.

  1. Recognize the need for information;
  2. Formulate a plan to obtain the information including appropriate technologies to be used;
  3. Discover, identify, and retrieve information from multiple venues and in multiple formats;
  4. Evaluate and select relevant and credible information;
  5. Synthesize obtained information or create new information using various technologies; and
  6. Present or publish an information product to an audience using an appropriate platform.