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Faculty FYI Guide to Milner Library

This guide addresses a broad array of Library services unique to your research and teaching needs.

Resources for Dealing with Plagiarism

Real World Examples of Cheating

Videos & News Articles about College Cheating

Books about Cheating in College

University Resources Related to Plagiarism

Please note: Illinois State University does not subscribe to or license plagiarism detection software.

Hermetic Detection Systems

Typically installed on an individual computer or local server, analyze a designated local collection of documents. These systems do not analyze text on the open web or company owned remote servers.

Web Detection Systems

These analyze designated documents or text against content on the Internet.

Interrogative Approach Detector

An interrogative approach detector works with a set of documents preselected by the faculty member. Rather then a straight text analysis, suspicious text is converted to blanks. Within the system the student then retypes the missing text. The system uses speed and accuracy to determine familiarity with the text. Less familiarity points to increased chances of plagiarism.

Combined Web & Hermetic Detection

These systems analyze text against both a local document set and content on the Internet.

Additional Resources

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