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Faculty FYI Guide to Milner Library

This guide addresses a broad array of Library services unique to your research and teaching needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Textbooks at Milner

No. As a general rule of thumb we do not purchase traditional textbooks. However, we may have a required book as part of our regular collection. You can request that this book be placed on Course Reserve to ensure all students in your class have access to it.

No. You need to request that a book from Milner's collection be placed on course reserve. You can do this via the Posting a Course Reserve Form.

Yes. Use the Posting a Course Reserve Form to initiate the course reserve request. You will be given directions on how to get the physical copy to Milner.

There are a number of reasons why Milner doesn't own a copy. Work with your Subject Liaison Librarian to identify purchasing options.

Placing a book, even a Reference book, on Course Reserve ensures that your students have access to the book when they need it.

Since books in the Reference Collection are on open shelves, any library patron can use it within the library for as long as they like. We cannot guarantee the book will always be available for your students.

Yes. Milner has free scanning to a pdf or image format and photocopying for 8 cents a page using Redbird dollars.

Copyright law prevents entire works to be scanned even if the intended use is for a specific course. For electronic course reserves (e-reserves), 10% or one chapter of a book, whichever is greater, can be scanned.

Yes. We have the capability to create an electronic course reserve (or e-reserve) for books available in electronic format. You do need to place a request via the Posting a Course Reserve Form just like a print book.

A number of factors such as time of the semester, staffing levels, and book availability influence the amount of time it takes to get a book processed and made available for students. We state on the Posting a Course Reserve Form to allow two weeks for the entire process.

There are several options. One is to place the book, physical or electronic, on course reserve. If you are only using a few chapters of a book, these can be scanned and placed on course reserve. Many instructors are using open textbooks, which are low or no cost options. You can also opt to not use a textbook but rather rely on the thousands of online sources Milner subscribes to.