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Faculty FYI Guide to Milner Library

This guide addresses a broad array of Library services unique to your research and teaching needs.

Ways to Get Materials

There are a variety of ways to get materials from Milner, other libraries in Illinois, and across the world.

Items within the Building

Milner Library is an open floor library and you can retrieve any of the items yourself if you have the Floor number and the call number. To check out materials you need your Redbird Card (or a proxy). All items are checked out on Floor 2 (Main Floor). In general, faculty and staff can check out items for 16 weeks.

For more information about what is on each floor, view the various floor maps.

Take a physical walking tour of the building by taking the iTour.

Table of Loan Periods, Renewals, and Fines for Faculty.

Storage Items

Not all items are in open bookshelves. The materials designated as being located in Storage, Special Collections, or Archives are not readily available to the public. For items in Special Collections and Archives, contact those departments to make arrangements to view materials.

Items in Storage can be requested online via the catalog. View this video on how to make a Book request for items in storage. Need to request a journal? Watch this video.

For more information about our storage facilities, view this informational page.

I-Share (Illinois)

Illinois State is part of a consortium called I-Share. It consists of over 80 academic libraries across Illinois. You can request many items from these libraries through your Milner / I-Share Account.

Interlibrary Loan

When items are not available via I-Share, you can use our interlibrary loan service . These requests may take a little bit longer (5-7 days) depending on the item's availability. The video on this page shows how to make an Interlibrary Loan request via interlibrary loan. For more information about our various document delivery services, visit the Interlibrary Loan web page.

Designating a Proxy

Faculty members, graduate students, and distance learners may designate another person to pick-up and check out library materials on their behalf.  The designated person must have current library privileges.  Please complete our online registration form. (Undergraduate students are not eligible for proxy patron service.)

Campus Delivery

Milner Library offers two campus delivery options for faculty.

  1. Electronic Delivery of Print Journal Articles
    This service only applies to print articles owned by Milner Library and are not available in electronic format. Library staff will scan the print version into an Adobe Acrobat pdf file. You will receive an email notification about how to access the document. For more information visit our Electronic Document Delivery web page.
  2. Free Campus Delivery of Physical Items
    Any items designated in the catalog as circulating are eligible for campus delivery. When viewing the catalog record, select the Request 1st Item tab and select Faculty – Campus Mail from the Choose pick-up location drop down menu. Items designated as non-circulating, in-building use only, and short loan period are not eligible for campus delivery. For more information about this service visit the Campus Delivery web page.