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EndNote Basic

EndNote Basic is a web-based program that allows you to organize your sources (articles, books, images, etc.), cite the sources while you write a paper, and prepare bibliographies.

Searching within EndNote - Adding Sources

From within EndNote Basic you can search, the Milner Catalog, the I-Share Catalog, and the PubMed database.

  1. Click the Online Search from the Collect tab.
  2. In the connection file drop-down list, select the catalog or database.*
    Milner Catalog: Illinois State U
    I-Share Catalog: I-SHARE
    Pubmed: PubMed (NLM)
  3. Click the Connect button.
  4. Enter the search phrase in the Search Criteria field.
  5. Select a field in the Search Field drop-down list to limit the search to a specific field.
  6. Add more search criteria if needed.
  7. Click the Search button.
  8. Once the search results are displayed, check a source and select a group from the Group drop down menu

*Add these to your Connection File Favorites list for ease of access.

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