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EndNote Basic

EndNote Basic is a web-based program that allows you to organize your sources (articles, books, images, etc.), cite the sources while you write a paper, and prepare bibliographies.

RIS / tab-delimited file - Adding Sources

When a direct export into EndNote Basic isn't available, you can usually save your sources in a generic format that will import.

  1. Search for and select/mark sources within the chosen database
  2. From the selected/marked list, export the sources either as an RIS or tab-delimited file
  3. Within EndNote Basic, select the Import link under the Collect Tab
  4. From the Import Option drop down menu, select the Refman RIS
  5. If desired, select a group from the To drop down menu
  6. Click the Browse button to find and select the export file containing your sources
  7. Click the Import button

For more information on Importing Tab-delimited files, view this help page

Several database vendors provide specific filters for exporting, view this list of vendors for more specific instructions.

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