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Criminal Justice Sciences


What's on this page?

The boxes below will walk you through how to use individual databases that focus on criminal justice topics. General search techniques shown in these videos and walkthroughs should help no matter what database you use, but this content is meant to highlight criminal justice content.

Database Information

Link to Database:

Clicking the bottom right side of the screen will enlarge the video.

Link to Database:

Tutorial for using The National Criminal Justice Reference Service. Clicking the bottom right side of the screen will enlarge the video.

Other Criminal Justice Database Tutorials

In the Browse box, click on Secondary Sources

Westlaw search box

On the Secondary Sources page, in the By Type section, click on the Law Reviews & Journals link

Image of Westlaw list of Secondary sources, highlighting Law Reviews and Journals

Optional:  On the Law Reviews & Journals page, one may choose by Level (e.g. National), By State or By Topic (e.g. Criminal Law) or simply type your search into the search box and it will search all types.

Law Reviews and Journals page, highlighting "by state"

Choose the Law Journal Library link under Browse Connections by Name

HeinOnline main search page

Two different options to access journal articles

  • Full Text:  search by keyword(s) - sample search for articles on hate speech at universities
    • Advanced Search - allows for searching up to three fields (e.g. author/creator), as well as limiting by subject, law journal, date, etc.
    • Search Help - assistance with search syntax

example keyword search

  • Citation:  search by law journal citation - sample search is for the article in 67th volume of Law Library Journal that begins on page 276 (67 Law Libr. J. 276)
    • Citation Navigator - offers different format for searching by citation
    • Citation Format Guide - allows one to browse by citation abbreviations by title name or citation

example citation search

To find law reviews you can search one of two ways. First, you can select "Law Reviews" in the What are you interested in? section (see below), and search by keyword.

Nexis Uni search page


Alternatively, if you have a specific citation, journal, date range, etc., that you need to search for, click on the Advanced Search button below the large main Search box (see above). From that page (see below), click Select a specific content type, and select one of the links under Law Reviews and Journals, most likely the "Law Reviews and Journals" option. Once you've made a selection, the advanced search boxes will reflect the available search features for that type of content, including boxes for citation information, journal title, etc.

advanced search page with Law Reviews selected

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