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FCS 328 - Economics of Fashion

Guide with curated resources to assist with your coursework and research project.

What's in this Guide

This guide was created to assist students enrolled in FCS 328: Economics of Fashion. 

This resource should help you find information about fashion and its impact in the global economy. 

Global Sourcing Consulting Project

For your project, you will work with class members as a team to apply for a sourcing related job in a global fashion company in a post-COVID world. As a part of application, your team will complete a global sourcing project for the company in which you will investigate various aspects of a potential country for sourcing focusing on its historical and cultural background, politics, economic conditions, demographics, and machinery/technology availability for textile and apparel production. The goal is to provide a recommended global sourcing strategy for the company’s product line development, considering the challenges due to COVID-19. 

Finding Technology & Manufacturing Information

Related Library of Congress Call Number Ranges:

Call Number Range Subject Floor
TS 1-2301 Manufactures  5
TS 1300-1865 Textile industries 5
TT 490-695 Clothing Manufacture.  5


Example Catalog Searches: 

Line 1 Line 2
Subject = technology Subject = textile
Subject = textile industry Keyword = technology
Subject = clothing trade Keyword = technology
Subject = clothing trade Keyword = quality control