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Military Science

This guide is meant to point researchers in the direction of commonly-used Military Sciences resources available at Illinois State University. There are also descriptions of general search strategies to use those resources.

Online Practice Exam/Study Guides

Online practice tests and study guides can be accessed through Milner's Mometrix eLibrary database (see link above). If you are off campus, you will be asked to log in with your ULID and password to access Mometrix. 

There are two ways to find the exam you need.

  1. You can search for it at the top of the page (acronyms seem to be preferred to spelling out the whole title of the exam, if applicable),
  2. You can also browse by clicking on the Public Service and Legal button at the bottom of the homepage. 

Mometrix search page

If you are browsing, scroll through the list of available exams until you find the one you need. There are two types of materials on Mometrix: 

  1. Study Guides - the most common type of resource. E-books filled with tips, exam explanations, videos, flashcards, and sample test questions.  
  2. Practice Questions - tests similar to the one you will actually take, as well as answer keys and explanations behind the answers.  

Mometrix search results page

Finding Print Guides

If you prefer print guides, you may be able to get copies of military service exams from other I-Share libraries (ISU is part of a consortium of approximately 80 Illinois academic libraries).  To find and request titles from other libraries, you can watch this tutorial.

To find guides, do a title search for "[name of exam] exam" (without the quotation marks).  For instance, a search for AFVAB exams would looks like this:  armed forces vocational aptitude battery exam (the acronym will also usually work, but it's best to try both).

Available E-Books