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Teaching Materials Center

This guide is starting point for anyone seeking to learn about the resources available in the Teaching Materials Center. This includes: what general resources are available, how to find specific resources, and how to access materials.

At Milner

While the children and young adult e-books available through Milner are quite limited, you can find those that are available using a genre-focused advanced search. These searches are linked below. All of the books included allow an unlimited number of people to be reading the same e-book at the same time. For the resources returned, explore the information provided, as some of the books are appropriate for children while others for more mature high school students. 

Example Milner e-books


Your Local Public/School Library

This section of the guide outlines places to look for freely available children's e-books. I recommend checking your local public (or school) library's collection of children's e-books first, because they often have a large collection of some of the best titles. e-books that can be made freely available online are often limited due to copyright restrictions. 

Websites - Free Children's e-books