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Teaching Materials Center

This guide is starting point for anyone seeking to learn about the resources available in the Teaching Materials Center. This includes: what general resources are available, how to find specific resources, and how to access materials.

Finding Graphic Novels

The graphic novels in the Teaching Materials Center all share the same beginning to their call numbers. This means that when on-site they are all organized together in the fiction section under TMC 741.5. 

This also makes browsing for graphic novels online easy. To discover new graphic novels, meaning you do not have a specific title in mind, you can use the following search:

  1. Begin at Advanced Milner Catalog Search
  2. Change the first drop-down option from Any field to Holding Call Number
  3. In that same line, type in TMC 741.5 so that the line reads, "Holding Call Number contains TMC 741.5." If you click SEARCH now, all TMC graphic novels would be returned.
  4. In the second line you can add keywords to narrow the results to a given theme, author, or more. 

Graphic Novels Search

Examples of Graphic Novels

El Deafo
New Kid
Kindred: a Graphic Novel Adaptation
The Stonekeeper
They Called Us Enemy
This One Summer
Honor Girl
The Prince and the Dressmaker
Pride of Baghdad

Teaching and Learning Librarian

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