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This guide is starting point for research in agriculture at Illinois State University. This guide can help you with all aspects of your projects and research.

Help Video Tutorials for Finding Articles and Databases

Research Agriculture Topics in Agricola

Milner Library has a variety of Agriculture Databases that work well for researching topics in Agriculture. One of the most helpful Agriculture Databases is Agricola.

Let's say you are looking for articles about the impact of cover crops on soil erosion.  Here is an example of how you could search for that topic in Agricola:

  • In Agricola, enter the main ideas from your topic into the search boxes. For my example, I'll enter cover crops in one search box and soil erosion in another.  Choose Search.
  • On the search results page, use the options under Refine Results to narrow your topic further.
    • Choose Peer Reviewed to get only articles reviewed by other experts in the field to make sure they are accurate.
    • Change the older date to be more recent, for example 2018 or 2019.
  • Choose an article title to find out more about the article and check for Milner Library access to the full text.
    • Example topic search in Agricola

Find Out More About the Article

The information in the middle tells you more about the article, including:

  • The authors
  • The title, volume, and issue of the journal it is from
  • Subjects covered in the article.
  • An abstract at the bottom of the page that provides a summary of the article.

Access the Full Text

  • The left side of page shows options for accessing the full text of the article through Milner Library.
  • See the Access Full Text tab of this box for more details about how to get the full text of an article.

Get a Link to View the Article Later and See Sample Citations

The right side of the article page has some helpful tools including:

  • Email: Email the page to yourself so you can view the article later.
  • Permalink: get a URL that will always take you back to the article (the URL in the browser box will not work to get you back to the article).
  • Cite: This generates example citations for the article in a variety of citation styles. You always need to double check these against the style guide for your citation style to make sure they are correct.

Example article page in Agricola

Example article page showing abstract

At the top of the article page, there are options for accessing the article through Milner Library on the left. These may be hidden on mobile devices so you will need to choose the tiny double arrow tab to reveal them.

If there is full text through Agricola, there will be PDF Full Text, HTML Full Text, or Linked Full Text links.

Image of PDF and HTML full text links on Agricola article page

If there are no full text links in Agricola, choose the Find It button to see if it is available through any other Milner databases. 

Agricola article with Find It button

  • If the Find It page for the item has a View Online section with a link, choose the link to view the full text of the article.

Full text links in Find It

  • If there isn't a View Online Section, Milner does not have online access to the article. Choose Sign in in the yellow box that says "Please sign in to check for any request options."

Find It article with no full text access showing Please sign in to check if there are any request options box.

  • When you choose Sign In next to it and login with your ULID and password, it should give you a link to request the article via interlibrary loan (ILL).

Find It article with no full text showing interlibrary loan link after loggin in with ULID and password

  • Interlibrary Loan allows you to send a request for an article to our Interlibrary Loan staff. If they can find a copy of the article, you will get a PDF of it in your ILL account. This may take 5-7 days but articles often come much sooner.

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