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This guide is starting point for research in agriculture at Illinois State University. This guide can help you with all aspects of your projects and research.

Finding Books

Look at our Understanding Call Numbers guide for more information.

There are three ways to read eBooks:

  1. Read in your browser
  2. Download to your laptop or tablet
  3. Print one or more pages

In most instances, you will be prompted to log in using your ULID username and password before the eBook is displayed, whether or not you are on or off campus.

The steps to download or print an eBook are dependent on the publisher's website. Consult our eBook Guide for specific information about each format.

Book Search Strategies

Try Searching by Subject

To find a book on a particular topic, search the library's catalog by subject (not just keyword). The Find a Book by Subject help video shows how search by subject in the Milner Library Catalog. This strategy will help you find more relevant books more quickly!

Subject headings are tags that the library assigns to all the books about a particular topic to make those books easier to find.

Some subject headings to search for in agriculture are:

Milner Catalog & I-Share Catalog Limiters

  • In both the Library Catalog and All I-Share Libraries searches, after you do an initial search, there will be a Tweak your results menu on the left of the results screen that you can use to narrow your results.
  • See the Set Search Limits in the Milner Library Catalog help video for more information about the limiters and how to use them.

Screenshot of catalog cover crop subject search results highlighting the Tweak your results menu of options for narrowing your results.

If you know the title and author of a book you would like to check for, you can search by title or author. There are help videos that show how to do each of these searches:

If you want to search by both title and author at the same time, you can use the advanced search to enter the title in one box with the Keyword dropdown changed to Title and the author in a second box with the Keyword dropdown changed to Author/Creator.

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