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Map Collection at Milner Library: Fourth Floor Map Area

Describes the collections and the services at Milner Library, Illinois State University.

Major Sections of the Collection

U.S. Topographic Maps

USGS Maps & Folios

U.S. State Geological Maps

U.S. Government Maps

Political Maps

Historical Maps

Thematic Maps

Illinois Maps


Atlas Cases


Map Collections By Cabinet

The following is a list of major collections by drawer/case:

United States Topographic Maps (first set of cases)

Illinois Plat Books (against wall in bookcases)

Illinois Collection: (first cases East of open area)

  • Illinois -- geologic maps
  • Illinois -- historical and political maps
  • Illinois Geoloical Survey
  • Illinois: County, Highway Condition, Chicago census
  • Census: County/town, Champaign-Urbana, Peoria, Dewitt
  • Dekalb Township
  • Survey Illinois: River and Tributaries for Flood Control
  • Illinois: Electric, gas, mining, rivers, transportation, topo, soil, parks, political, Chicago street maps
  • US / Illinois city, highway

Historical Maps (by drawers):

  • World, Western Hemisphere, Africa and Asia
  • Europe, North America and Central America, Middle East. Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
  • France/Germany/Italy, British Isles, Saxton's Maps of England, England
  • Canada, China/Japan/Russia, United States
  • USA: East, Southeast, MidWest, New England, Southwest, West

Thematic Maps:

  • American Indian Affairs/Indian Reservations
  • Appalachian Trail
  • National Parks and Monuments
  • World in Braille
  • State counties
  • State Postal maps
  • U.S. National Atlas
  • Atlas of Historical Geography of the US and State Outline Maps (17" x 22")
  • United States Transportation
  • Railroad and Transportation of Individual States
  • Railroad
  • Airlines

  • Physiographic
  • Control Leveling Maps of the United States
  • Energy Transportation and Electrical Facilities
  • National Parks of Canada
  • Environmental Science
  • Nuclear News
  • Storm Evacuation Maps
  • Harbor Lines for San Francisco Bay; and Land Use, Coastal Zone, California
  • Sam Houston National Forest, Texas
  • Corn Belt Electric Cooperative Inc.
  • Air Photo Indexes
  • Colorado, New Mexico Bureau of Land Management


World Globes  (Three: two large globes near the Illinois Collection, and one smaller globe on top of the US Topo maps cases.)

World Political/Historical Maps: Canada, Central America, nautical collections (Historical USGS Harbor Charts)

World Political/Historical Maps: Europe, Asia, Middle East

World Political/Historical Maps: Middle East, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, India, Sri Lanka, China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, South East Asia, Africa

World Political/Historical Maps: Australia, World Outline Plotting Maps, New Zealand, Oceans, Pacific Area, Hawaii, Antarctica, Arctic

US State Geological Maps  (index in bottom drawer) ... to be moved to end of US States Collection.


  • historiographs
  • literary maps
  • random maps
  • map making
  • large non-map materials
  • national flags
  • News Maps: World War II
  • Historical Battlefields
  • Canada: Military City maps
  • Soviet World Maps

USGS Map Folios (separate yellow case)


Other U.S. Topo and random maps: (separate case)

  • Indexes  (Topos, Landsat)
  • Satellite Images (selective)
  • Land Use and Cover Maps
  • USGS City Maps
  • Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands
  • US Topo Maps (1:250,000 and 1:1,000,000)
  • War Dept Strategic Maps
  • Raised Relief Maps
  • Wetland Surveys
  • 100 Maps with Physiographic Features

File cabinets: (far East section)

  • IL Chamber of Commerce by city/town
  • IL historical road maps
  • IL city plans (and selected other major cities)
  • International Travel Maps
  • British Ordnance Maps
  • Hiking, Biking and Canoeing Trails
  • International geologic publications
  • U.S. State Geologic publications
  • USGS Survey Geological Reports
     (planets, counties, states)
  • IL aerial photos


U.S. State Gazetteers: alphabetically arranged on top of the map cases beside the Oversize shelves.

US Governmant Documents maps: Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Energy, Forest Service, Park Service, HEW, HUD, Interstate Commerce Commission and Labor, State Department, Transportation, and Miscellaneous (Now housed in Fourth Floor workroom -- contact Documents Librarian, Angela Bonnell) 

Atlases are found in both the Oversize shelves (near the South stairwell, near Rooms 429a-c) and in the general shelves by call number; see G1000.3 - 3122 for atlases.  Below is a recent world atlas with physical, geological, and thematic materials: 

National Geographic global atlas : a comprehensive picture of today with more than 300 new maps, infographics, and illustrations. National Geographic Society (U.S.), 2014.  Call Number: G1021 .N3935 2013

The Library of Congress call number classifications for maps are as follows:

Subclass G

G1-922      Geography (General)
G65-69      Geographers
G70-70.6   Philosophy. Relation to other topics. Methodology
G80-99      History of geography
G100.5-108.5   Toponymy Including gazetteers, geographic names and terms
G140         Great cities of the world
G141         Historical geography
G142         Aerial geography
G149-180      Travel. Voyages and travels (General)
G154.9-155.8   Travel and state. Tourism
G200-336    History of discoveries, explorations, and travel
G369-503   Special voyages and travels
G521-539    Adventures, shipwrecks, buried treasure, etc.
G540-550   Seafaring life, ocean travel, etc.
G575-890   Arctic and Antarctic regions
G905-910   Tropics (General)
G912-922   Northern and Southern Hemispheres
G1000-3122   Atlases
G1000-1000.5   Atlases of the moon, planets, etc.
G1001-1046   World atlases. Atlases of the Earth
G1050-1052   Northern and Southern Hemispheres
G1053      Tropics. Torrid Zone
G1054-1055   Polar regions. Frigid Zone
G1059-1061   Maritime atlases (General)
G1100-3102    By region or country
G1100-1779   America. Western Hemisphere
G1105-1692   North America
G1110-1114      Greenland
G1115-(1193)   Canada
G1200-1534.24   United States
G1535-1537   Caribbean area
G1540-1542   Latin America (General)
G1545-1549   Mexico
G1550-(1594)   Central America
G1600-1692   West Indies
G1700-1779   South America
G1780-2799   Eastern Hemisphere. Eurasia, Africa, etc.
G1791-2196   Europe
G2110-2196   Former Soviet republics. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.). Russia (Empire)
G2200-2444.84   Asia
G2445-2739   Africa
G2740-2799   Australasia
G2800-3064   Oceans (General)
G3100-3102   Antarctica
G3122      Atlases of imaginary, literary, and mythological regions, etc., A-Z
G3160-3171   Globes

Subject Guide

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