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Map Collection at Milner Library

For students and others interested in maps, this guide provides information on the collections and services in Milner Library.

General Information about Maps

Maps may be located in a variety of locations within the Milner Library:

Fourth Floor Maps Area

     This area contains the majority of flat maps in map cases, and supporting reference tools.  These maps are arranged within collection categories, and sub-arranged by geographic area.  There are geographic and thematic collection categories. See the separate Tabs for detailed holdings of the Fourth Floor Resources.

Examples of materials include: Topographical Maps: United States (both scales) and Other Countries; Political Maps; Historical Maps; Natural Resources Maps; and Other themes (i.e. historical, nautical, railroad, highways, national parks, travel maps, hiking, census, etc.). 

Government Documents

        These maps are located within the Fourth Floor Government Documents stacks ... and also in the USGS Map Cases.

General Stacks and Basement Storage

        Some map materials may be located within the regular stacks as part of monographs. 

Special Collections

        Certain rare and historical maps may be located within the Special Collections and/or Archives.  Some of these items may be in the Book Catalog, but most are only searchable within their local Card Catalogs.

Online Resources

        Map material may be found on the web through a variety of interfaces. See the separate Tab for Online Resources.



NOTE: Most maps are NOT indexed in the library Book Catalog.  Consider searching in various indexing databases that cover map materials (e.g. GeoRef).

NOTE:  Please do NOT refile the maps after use.  We maintain use statistics and would prefer that our staff return these items to their locations.

Finding Maps

Use the following tools/methods to search for Maps:

Map Indexes

   Many map sets have associated indexes, located with the actual maps.

Book Catalog

   Very selective coverage of some materials. Limit search to type "Map"

Subject Databases

   Some subject indexes include maps (i.e. Government indexes, geology indexes, etc). See the separate Tab for these tools.

Online Map Resources

   See the separate Tab for these tools.

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