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Map Collection at Milner Library: Government Maps

Describes the collections and the services at Milner Library, Illinois State University.

Key Map Series

CIA Maps and Atlases  PREX 3.10/4

Scientific Investigations Maps (series) (P) (EL)  I 19.91/3

Agriculture  A 13.28 and A 57.68

Commerce  C 3.62/8

Weather Maps  C 55.195/2

Defense D 103.49/3 and D 301.76/7 and D 5.355: (Middle East)

Energy  E 2.15 and E 3.21 and E 6.10

EPA EP 1.99

Health and Human Services  HE 20.311

Interior (Antarctic)  I 19.100/2-6

Interior (state maps)  I 19.102/13 Illinois

National Atlas (separate maps)  I 19.111/A:

Subject Guide

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