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Map Collection at Milner Library

For students and others interested in maps, this guide provides information on the collections and services in Milner Library.

Key Map Series

CIA Maps and Atlases  PREX 3.10/4

Scientific Investigations Maps (series) (P) (EL)  I 19.91/3

Agriculture  A 13.28 and A 57.68

Commerce  C 3.62/8

Weather Maps  C 55.195/2

Defense D 103.49/3 and D 301.76/7 and D 5.355: (Middle East)

Energy  E 2.15 and E 3.21 and E 6.10

EPA EP 1.99

Health and Human Services  HE 20.311

Interior (Antarctic)  I 19.100/2-6

Interior (state maps)  I 19.102/13 Illinois

National Atlas (separate maps)  I 19.111/A:

Subject Guide