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Map Collection at Milner Library: Historic Travel Guides -- USA

Describes the collections and the services at Milner Library, Illinois State University.

Historic Travel Guides



                Official Western Road Map

                Drive US 66 Western Road Map

                Road Map of Western United States

                Across America via the Great Northern Railway-1901

                A Breif History of Wells Fargo


                Mountain and Lake Resorts on the Lackawanna Railroad-1902

Hobb’s Guide Maps

Misc. maps from 1928-1932


                San Fransico Standard Guide-1915

                California: The Land of Promise-1905

                California for the Tourist-1910

                Southern California-1906


                To California: Over the Santa Fe Trail-1914

                Santa Clara County, California

                Let Everyone Help to Save the Famous Hetch-Hetchy Valley-1909

                Biennial Report of the Board of State Harbor Commissioners for the Bay of San Diego Oct.1 1908

                Monterey County Chamber of Commerce

                Coronado Beach, California: A Unique Corner of the Earth-1894

                Wild Flowers of Southern California-1935

                The Three Tours

                Official Transportation and City Map of Los Angeles, Cal. And Suburbs-1913

                Colorful California Names and Their History and Meaning-1952

                Following the Golden Spike Route to Sacramento

                Pasadena Summer and Winter-1924

                Winter in California-1910

                Palo Alto: Its Backgrounds, Beginnings, and Growth-1960

                Map of National Parks in relation to Southern California and Los Angeles

                Road Map of Yosemite National Park

                The Trolley Trail-1910

                Earthquake in California: Special Report

Idaho, Washington, Oregon

                The State of Idaho-1905

                State of Washington-1905

                The Richness of Eastern Washington-1904

                The Pacific Northwest-1905

                Report of the Acting Superintendent of the Sequoia and General Grant National Parks to the                                     Secretary of the Interior-1891

                Report of the Acting Superintendent of the Sequoia and General Grant National Parks to the                                     Secretary of the Interior-1892

                Oregon, Washington, Idaho and their Resources-1903

                The farm, ranch, and Range in Oregon-1904

                Big Scenes, Big Fish, Big Game

                Bellingham and Northwest Washington-1905

                A Tale of a Modern City: Spokane-1905

                Tacoma: Electric City of the Pacific Coast-1904

                Report of the Governor of Idaho to the Secretary of the Interior-1887

                The City of Beautiful: Boise, Idaho-1905


                Tacoma and Pierce County Washington-1905

                Chewelah: Her Mineral Resources and Possibilities-1905

                Where to Go and What to See In and About Seattle-1906

North and South Dakota

                The State of North Dakota-1905

                The Story of Homestake-1954



                The State of Wyoming-1905


                Colorful Colorado-1956


                Wisconsin Official Highway Map-1938

New Hampshire

                Dover Historic Map 1623-1973


                Map of the City of St. Louis-1853


                Kentucky State Parks and Recreational areas-1950


                The Waverly Gazette Souvenir and Historical Edition-1902

New York

                Hudson River by Daylight-1902


                Omaha: Destroyed in a Night, Rebuilt in a Day-1913

                Nebraska’s Resources Illustrated-1908

                West Nebraska: Grazing Country


                Texas Museum Directory-1968

                Guide to Official Texas Historical Markers-1971

                Enjoy…Texas State Parks

                Guide to Official Texas Historical Markers-1969


                Map of Alaska, Altin, and the Yukon-1917

                A Tour through the Land of Nightless Days

                General Information Regarding The Territory of Alaska-1916

                Introduction of Domestic Reindeer into Alaska-1906

                Alaska and the Scenic Yukon and Atlin Lake Country

                Alaska: Indian Basketry-1906

                A Trip to Wonderful Alaska-1906

ALASKA: Handbook No. 84-1897


                Annual Meteorological Summary-1935




                Savanna, Illinois: On the Mississippi


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