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To check availability of a specific journal in print or online:

Use Citation Linker if you want to know whether Milner Library subscribes to a journal like Acta Physica either in print or online. Citation Linker provides links to online access to the journal, if available, and a link to search the Milner Catalog for the location of print copies. You can also use the "FindIt" button in most of Milner's databases to help you locate online or print copies of specific articles you need.

You can also view the A-Z list of Milner's online journals alphabetically by title or by subject category.

Almost all Library databases can be accessed from off-campus. The easiest way to do this is to use links from the Library website. You will then be prompted for your ULID and password to authenticate yourself as an authorized user.  If you still have difficulty, open a new tab or browser window and log into WebVPN.

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