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For Anthropology majors, students taking courses, or others interested in the field, this guide provides access to major sources.

Books Specific to Anthropology

Most books on Anthropology can be found on the 4th floor of Milner Library while some Archaeology books are on Floor 3.

Look in these call number ranges for most books on Anthropology and Archaeology..

Call Number Range Subject
GN 49 - 298 Physical Anthropology
GN 301 - 536 Social and Cultural Anthropology - Ethnology
GN 537 - 674 Ethnic Groups and Races
GN 700 - 890 Prehistoric Archaeology

Archaeology books are also in call numbers CC 1 - CC 315 on Floor 3.

Anthropology is related to many other disciplines.  Related call number areas are:

D, E, F    History  (Floor 3)

HM   Sociology  (Floor 4)

HV 6000...  Criminal Justice  (Floor 4)

QH  Biology  (Floor 5)

Interested in how long you can check out a book? View the list of loan periods Milner resources.

Reading eBooks

There are three ways to read eBooks:

  1. Read in your browser
  2. Download to your laptop or tablet
  3. Print one or more pages

In most instances, you will be prompted to log in using your ULID username and password before the eBook is displayed, whether or not you are on or off campus.

The steps to download or print an eBook are dependent on the publisher's website. Consult our eBook Guide for specific information about each format.

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