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Secondary Science

A guide for students in any secondary science teacher education program with information on using library materials and science education resources in both class and practical applications.

Recommended Journals

This box includes journals that cover multiple scientific disciplines. For something that is specific to a discipline (such as physics, chemistry, etc.), explore the dropdown boxes below. 

Publishes international original peer-reviewed articles on topics and research methods across the STEM education fields with a focus on interdisciplinary publications. Articles are open-access and freely available. 

"Journal of Science Teacher Education (JSTE) is the flagship journal of the Association for Science Teacher Education. It serves as a forum for disseminating high quality research and theoretical position papers concerning preservice and inservice education of science teachers. The Journal features pragmatic articles that offer ways to improve classroom teaching and learning, professional development, and teacher recruitment and retention at pre K-16 levels."

Discipline Specific Journals

  • Chemistry Education Research and Practice 

    Chemistry Education Research and Practice (CERP) is the journal for teachers, researchers and other practitioners at all levels of chemistry education.

  • Chemistry Teacher International 

    "Chemistry Teacher International (CTI) is a peer-reviewed Open Access journal from the Committee on Chemistry Education of IUPAC. The journal aims to be a platform for teachers of all levels, focusing on researchers in chemistry education."

  • Journal of Chemical Education 

    The Journal of Chemical Education publishes peer-reviewed articles and related information as a resource to those in the field of chemical education and to those institutions that serve them. The journal typically addresses chemical content, laboratory experiments, instructional methods, and pedagogies.

The American Journal of Science (AJS), founded in 1818 by Benjamin Silliman, is the oldest scientific journal in the United States that has been published continuously. The Journal is devoted to geology and related sciences and publishes articles from around the world presenting results of major research from all earth sciences. Readers are primarily earth scientists in academia and government institutions.

The Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, in publication since 1973, covers significant developments in all areas of earth and planetary sciences, from climate, environment, and geological hazards to the formation of planets and the evolution of life.

Astronomy Education Review is an online journal for those interested in astronomy and space science education, in either formal or informal settings. It includes refereed journal articles on the results of astronomy education research.

Earth Science Reviews publishes review articles dealing with all aspects of Earth Sciences, and is an important vehicle for allowing readers to see their particular interest related to the Earth Sciences as a whole.

A peer-reviewed quarterly journal made by the National Earth Science Teachers Association with special sponsored editions freely available. Focuses on providing exemplary tested classroom activities & resources for K-12 ESS educators, proven innovations in pedagogical approaches for the ESS classroom, and updates on in-depth science content relevant to K-12 ESS curriculum.

The International Research in Geographical & Environmental Education publishes quality research studies within the context of geographical and environmental education. The journal endeavours to promote international interest and dissemination of research in the field, provides a forum for critique, and demonstrates the relevance of research studies to good professional practice.

The Journal of Geography publishes innovative approaches to geography, research, teaching, and learning.

The Pennsylvania Geographer is a journal that publishes research related to Geography, Planning and Development.  Its publishers promote effective teaching, research, and literacy in geography.

Journal Spotlight: The Science Teacher

How to Search in The Science Teacher

  • Click the link for The Science Teacher above. 
  • Under the View Online section, select the link for "EBSCOhost Education Full Text"
  • Log-in with Central Login if prompted.
  • You now have two main options for how to search through this publication:
    1. Browse by issue
    2. Search by keyword or NGSS.
Browse by Issue
  1. All Issues and Articles are listed in a column to the right. Newer issues are at the top. Select the year you are interested in browsing to see the volume and issue numbers. 
  2. Choose the issue you want to open. 
  3. Browse through a list of all articles in that issue. 
Search by Keyword/Topic
  1. Rather than selecting an issue number, select "Search within this publication" linked above the publication details. 
  2. You will see an advanced search box with the first row already saying JN "Science Teacher". Do not delete this. 
  3. Add keywords or standards (ex. HS-PS1-2) to the following rows that act as search terms focusing in on your topic. If searching by standard, change the "Select a Field (optional)" dropdown to "TX All Text Fields."Example Search Box
  4. Refine your results using the options to the left of your search results as needed. You will likely want to focus the publication date to more recent publications.
  5. Click the title of an article of interest to see more information, such as the abstract. 
  6. To access the full-text of an article select the linked HTML or PDF full text or click the Find It button. 

Depending on the journal, you may be able to use exactly the same search process as outlined above for The Science Teacher or things may work slightly differently. However, they usually have similar functionalities that aim to be intuitive. If you do run into trouble, reach out to one of the Secondary Sciences librarians.