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Secondary Science

A guide for students in any secondary science teacher education program with information on using library materials and science education resources in both class and practical applications.

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for High School

It is important to understand how to read the Next Generation Science Standards before trying to use them in your lesson and activity planning. In essence, you need to understand the following components within the components:

  1. Performance Expectations:
  2. Foundation Boxes
    • Disciplinary Core Ideas
    • Science and Engineering Practices
    • Crosscutting Concepts
  3. Connection Boxes
    • Connections to other disciplinary core ideas in this grade level
    • Articulation of disciplinary core ideas across grade levels
    • Connections to the Common Core State Standards

To better understand how to read the standards, either read the document or watch the video linked below. 

Accessing the NGSS

The Next Generation Science Standards are arranged into four main areas: life science, earth & space science, physical science, and engineering. For high school, these main areas are then subdivided by Disciplinary Core Idea into the following areas of study:

Life Science

Earth & Space Science

Physical Science