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Secondary Science

A guide for students in any secondary science teacher education program with information on using library materials and science education resources in both class and practical applications.

What's in this Guide

This guide is meant to supplement the work you do in various secondary science courses and while student-teaching. In addition to clincial and classroom work, it will likely be most helpful if you are enrolled in one of the following courses: CHE 161, CHE 261, CHE 301, CHE 302,  BSC 161,BSC  231, BSC 307, BSC 302, PHY 209, PHY 302, PHY 310, PHY 311, PHY 312, or GEO 307. This guide includes support such as:

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Secondary Science Librarians

Stewart Profile Image

Caitlin Stewart

Teaching and Learning Librarian

(309) 438-3442

Joshua Newport

Joshua Newport

Math and Science Subject Librarian


Julie Murphy

Julie Murphy

Physics Subject Librarian


Chad Buckley

Chad Buckley

Biological Sciences Subject Librarian

(309) 438-7445