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Secondary Science

A guide for students in any secondary science teacher education program with information on using library materials and science education resources in both class and practical applications.

Streaming Video for the Science Classroom

This page outlines two databases with high quality videos for science education, JoVE: Science Education Unlimited and Kanopy: Science Collection. These collections include experiments, documentaries, and more. Access the databases through the links below and get tips on how to start finding streaming video!

JoVE: Science Education Unlimited

The above link will take you to a part of JoVE particularly targeted at assisting with Science Education with categories to browse videos of experiments. Categories include:

  1. Basic and Advanced Biology
  2. Chemistry
  3. Physics
  4. Engineering
  5. Psychology
  6. Clinical Skills
  7. Environmental Sciences. 

You can also use the Science Education search bar to search for videos on specific scientific topics.

Earthquake demo search

To search all of JoVE, and not just the science education section, use the white search bar at the very top. 

Search bar

Kanopy: Science Collection

Kanopy has an extensive set of online tutorials available if you have questions regarding use of the resource. Whether you wish to search for a title, need assistance with closed captioning or subtitles, or wish to create your own title watchlists, Kanopy's help system has a significant amount of illustrated information to help you get started. 

Do you still have questions? Are you experiencing technical issues? Please reach out to your Milner Librarians for additional assistance!