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BUS 100 - Enterprise

Sources for BUS 100 related research.

How to Search in Business Source Complete

To search in Business Source Complete:

  1. Type in your company name in the search box.
    1. If needed you can use the "Select a Field" to help eliminate unnecessary results. For example, search for "Apple" as a "Company Entity."
  2. The results are in the middle. 
  3. The left side navigation includes ways to narrow your results.
    1. You can narrow by date. The last 3-5 years are usually very helpful. 
    2. Narrow by Resource Type: newspapers for news, magazines for popular opinions, and so on. 
    3. Use "Subject" to see what the articles are saying about your company. 

Accessing Business Source Complete

Useful for:

  • Company news
  • SWOT analysis
  • Industry news
  • Scholarly articles
  • Company history