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BUS 100 - Enterprise

Sources for BUS 100 related research.

Referencing and Citing Business Sources

These are examples of how to format a reference in APA style for the end of your report.


Brue, G. (2015). Six sigma for managers. New York: McGraw-Hill Education. 

News Article or Scholarly Article without doi

Tergesen, A. (2022, Feb 11). You got richer during the pandemic. early retirement is still risky. red-hot stocks and real estate convinced many people to start their golden years sooner. 'people forget that markets go down.'. Wall Street Journal (Online)

News Article or Scholarly Article with doi

Edeling, A., & Fischer, M. (2016). Marketing’s impact on firm value: Generalizations from a meta-analysis. Journal of Marketing Research, 53(4), 515-534. doi: 10.1509/jmr.14.0046 

Company Dossier from Nexis Uni

LexisNexis. (n.d.). Company Dossier: The Hershey Company. Retrieved March 21, 2022, from 

10-k retrieved from EDGAR

The Hershey Company. (2016). Form 10-K 2016. 

Webpage on company website

The Hershey Company. (2022). A History of goodness: History of the Hershey Company. 

8-k retrieved from company website

The Hershey Company. (2022, February 16). Form 8-k.  

Information retrieved from S&P Global NetAdvantage

S&P Global Market Intelligence. (n.d.). The Hershey Company (NYSE:HSY)> Public company profile. Retrieved March 25, 2022, from 

Sundaram, A. & Yahaya, F. (2021). Industry Surveys: Food, Beverages, Tobacco & Cannabis. S&P Global NetAdvantage. 

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