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Genocide and Criminal Justice

What's in this Guide?

This guide is meant to assist researchers who are looking into genocide as it relates to Criminal Justice. Each tab will outline basic tools and resources found through Milner Library. Hopefully, this guide can answer questions on how to find a variety of sources on this topic. However, if any questions come up that it can't answer, feel free to contact me. My contact information is in the box to the right.

Here is a quick outline of what you will see in this guide:

  1. Reference Sources: This tab lists some suggested reference titles on this topic. These may provide background information, general overviews of different topics, or definitions of specific concepts. Links to reference databases are also included in case my suggestions are not sufficient.
  2. Milner Books: This tab gives examples of books available at Milner library. This is not a comprehensive list, just something to get you started. There are also some suggested subjects to help inspire future searches and call number ranges to help you determine what broad subject area a book is located within. 
  3. Searching for Books: This is a brief walkthrough of how to navigate Milner's catalog to find books.  Use the "Milner Books" tab to help with your search. This tab also includes information on how to request items through interlibrary loan.
  4. Journals/Databases: This tab lists some suggested journal titles that focus on genocide studies. It also includes links to databases that are likely to collect research on this topic.
  5. Searching for Articles: This is a brief walkthrough of how to use Milner's databases to find articles on a topic. Refer to the Milner Books tab if you need help coming up with new keywords or subject terms for your search. 
  6. Documentaries: This tab includes links to documentaries available through Milner's databases and the open web. This is not a comprehensive list and there are links to Milner's Streaming Video databases as well for future searching.
  7. Government/NGO Resources: This tab includes links to other suggested online resources, including government sites, non-governmental, quasi-governmental sites. There is also a walkthrough of searching for government documents within Milner's catalog. 
  8. Museums/Archives/Primary Sources: This tab lists examples of museums, archives, and sites providing primary source material that may include useful information. This is not an exhaustive list.

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