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Systemic Racism

Women of Color

 On this page you will find a sampling of resources related to Systemic Racism against women of color, broken down into the following sections:

Issues for Women of Color: Abuse, Adultification Bias, Algorithm Bias, BIPOC, Criminalization, Domestic Abuse, Economic Vulnerability, Exploitation, Fetishization, Foster System, Gender Bias, Gendered Racial Microaggressions/ Oppression/Racism/ Violence, Intersectional Feminism, Institution Sanctioned Violence, Intersectional Oppression, Invisibility, Lesbian, #MeToo, Medical Gaslighting, Misogynoir, Missing-White-Woman Syndrome, Neglect, Patriarchy, Pay Inequity,  Police Brutality, Queer Women, Rape Crisis, Reproductive Rights, #SayHerName, Sexism, Sexual Abuse-to-Prison Pipeline, Sexual Violence, State Sanctioned Violence, Stereotypes, Stigmatization, Strong-Black-Woman Schema, Systemic Oppression, Transgender Women, Trauma, Wage Gap

Keywords for Social Justice/Anti-Oppression Searches:   Anti-Black, Association Between, Bias, Discrimination, Disparity, Disproportionate, Effect, Gap, High Rate, Impact, Inequity, Inequality, Institutionalized Racism, Oppression, Racial Inequity Racist, Racism, Unconscious Bias, Violence, White Supremacy 

Video Clips

Source: AJ+ (2015, May 21). Black Women Killed By Police Are Being Forgotten #SayHerName. YouTube.

Source: TED. (2016, December 7). The urgency of intersectionality | Kimberlé Crenshaw. YouTube.

Source: CNN. (2021, September 22). How 'missing White woman syndrome' has real life implications. YouTube.

Source: Vice News. (2020, December 3). Indigenous Women Keep Going Missing in Montana. YouTube.

Source: CBS News. (2021, March 22). Sociologist on America's history of hypersexualizing Asian women. YouTube.

Source: Vice News. (2020, February 24). Violence Against Black Trans Women Is One of the US' Deadliest Epidemics. YouTube.

Source: PBS NewsHour. (2018, April 18). Why are black mothers and infants far more likely to die in U.S. from pregnancy-related causes? YouTube.

Source: AJ+ (2019, June 9). Moms Behind Bars: How Cash Bail Is Keeping Women In Jail. YouTube.

Source: NBC News. (2020, February 29). Female Transgender Prisoners Ask To Move Out of Male Prisons. YouTube.

Source: TED. (2019, Feb. 5). Why black girls are targeted for punishment at school -- and how to change that | Monique W. Morris. YouTube.

Source: The Atlantic. (2019, July 9). The Horrific Untold Story of Trans ICE Detention. YouTube.


book cover for  Invisible no more : police violence against black women and women of color by Andrea Ritchie
Book cover for  Algorithms of oppression : how search engines reinforce racism by Safiya Noble
Book cover for  You're dead---so what? : media, police, and the invisibility of black women as victims of homicide by Cheryl Neely
book cover for  Arrested justice : black women, violence, and America's prison nation by Beth  Richie
book cover for  Pushout. by Monique Morris
Book cover for  The grind : Black women and survival in the inner city by Alexis McCurn
Jailcare : finding the safety net for women behind bars
Book cover for  Asian American women : issues, concerns, and responsive human and civil rights advocacy by Lora Jo Foo
book cover for  Book A bound woman is a dangerous thing : the incarceration of African American women from Harriet Tubman to Sandra Bland by DaMaris Hill
book cover for  Invisible visits : Black middle-class women in the American healthcare system by Tina Sacks
book cover for  Still living the edges : a disabled women's reader by Diane Driedger
book cover for  Queering family trees : race, reproductive justice, and lesbian motherhood by Sandra Patton-Iman
book cover for  Degrees of difference : reflections of women of color on graduate school by Kimberly McKee
book cover for  America, goddam : violence, Black women, and the struggle for justice Lindsey, Treva B.,
book cover for  Reproductive injustice : racism, pregnancy, and premature birth by  Dána-Ain Davis
book cover for  Caged women : incarceration, representation, & media by Laurie Gordy
book cover  Violence against indigenous women : literature, activism, resistance by Allison Hargreaves
book cover for  Sister citizen : shame, stereotypes, and Black women in America by Melissa Harris-Perry
book cover for  Highway of Tears : a true story of racism, indifference and the pursuit of justice for missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls by Jessica McDiarmid
book cover for  Policing the national body : sex, race and criminalization ; a project of the committee on women, population, and the environment by  Jael Silliman
book cover for  This will be my undoing : living at the intersection of black, female, and feminist in (white) America by Morgan Jerkins
book cover for   Black women in white America : a documentary history by Gerda Lerner
Book cover for  Incarcerated stories : indigenous women migrants and violence in the settler-capitalist state by Shannon Speed
Book cover for  The ethos of black motherhood in America : only white women get pregnant by Kimberly Harper
book cover for  The beginning and end of rape : confronting sexual violence in native America by Sarah Deer
book cover for  Captive genders : trans embodiment and the prison industrial complex Stanley, Eric A., editor.; Smith, Nat, editor. 2015 3 Book White captives : gender and ethnicity on the American frontier Namias, June. ©1993 4 Dissertation White captives : gender and ethnicity on successive American frontiers, 1607-1862 Namias, June.; Brandeis University. Dept. of History of American Civilization. c1988, 1990 printing 5 Book Native historians write back : decolonizing American Indian history Miller, Susan A. (Susan Allison); Riding In, James. c2011 6 Book The Oxford handbook of Shakespeare and performance Bulman, James C., 1947- editor. 2017 7 Book Body and soul : rethinking sexuality as justice-love Ellison, Marvin Mahan, editor.; Thorson-Smith, Sylvia, editor. 2003 8 Book Heading Home : Motherhood, Work, and the Failed Promise of Equality Orgad, Shani, author. 2019 9 Book The Captive imagination : a casebook on The yellow wallpaper Gilman, Charlotte Perkins, 1860-1935.; Golden, Catherine c1992 10 Book The art and craft of biblical preaching : a comprehensive resource for today's communicators by Haddon Robinson
Book cover for  Fearing the black body : the racial origins of fat phobia by Sabrina Strings
book cover for  Gender violence at the U.S.-Mexico border : media representation and public response by  Hector Domínguez Ruvalcaba,
Book cover for  Health and social issues of native American women by  Jennie Rose Joe
Book cover for  Violence against queer people : race, class, gender, and the persistence of anti-LGBT discrimination by Doug Meyer
Book cover for  The pedagogy of pathologization : dis/abled girls of color in the school-prison nexus by  Subini Annamma
Book cover for  The ruptures of American capital : women of color feminism and the culture of immigrant labor by Grace Kyungwon Hong
Book cover for  Venus in the dark : Blackness and beauty in popular culture by Janell Hobson
book cover for irth settings in America : outcomes, quality, access, and choice by Emily Backes
book cover for  Killing the black body : race, reproduction, and the meaning of liberty by dorothy Roberts


intersectionality matters

Intersectionality Matters

Episode: #SayHerName: I Am My Sister's Keeper

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Episode:Why Black Women Are More Likely to Face Eviction

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Episode: Glitch in the Code: Black Girls and Algorithmic Justice

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Episode: Anger: The Black Woman's "Superpower"

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Episode: A Life-or-Death Crisis for Black Mothers

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Episode: Fear of A Black Woman's Body

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Episode: How the Olympics Failed Black Women

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Episode: Telling Stories of State Violence & Public Silence

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Episode: Protect Indigenous Women

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Episode: Women, Prison, and the Criminal Justice System

Podcast: Laverne Cox show

Laverne Cox

Episode: Ending Violence Toward Trans People w/ Dr. Karen Franklin

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Mentor's Circle

Episode: Unpacking Stories and Stereotypes that Harm Black Women

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Intersectionality Matters

Episode: When Misogynoir is a Preexisting Condition: Black Women's Health Through the Twin Pandemics

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Street Politicians

Episode: Breonna Taylor (Ep.1)

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Episode: Gender Violence and Indigenous Resistance

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Cite Black Women

Episode: Black Women and Health Equity

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Intersectionality Matters

Episode: When They See Her: The Story of Michelle Cusseaux

In the Thick podcast

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Episode: Birth Care for Every Body


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