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Systemic Racism

Politics and Government

 On this page you will find a sampling of resources related to Systemic Racism and Politics and Government broken down into the following sections:

Issues in Politics and Government:  Allocation of Resources, Border Policy, Civil Rights, Citizenship, Colonialism, Control, Democracy, Deportation, Deregulation, Disaster Response and Relief,  Dog Whistle Politics, Domestic Terrorism, Drug Policy, Federal Aid, Felon Disenfranchisement, Environmental Policy, Gerrymandering, Housing Rights, Identity Politics, Immigration Policy,  Imperialist Intervention,  LGBTQIA Rights, Privatization of Public Resources,  Public Health Policy, Power, Reactionary Politics, Redlining, Representation, Segregation, Social Policy, State Sanctioned Violence, Treaty Rights, Tribal Sovereignty, Voting Rights, Voter Suppression, White Nationalism

Keywords for Social Justice/Anti-Oppression Searches:   Anti-Black, Association Between, Bias, Discrimination, Disparity, Disproportionate, Effect, Gap, High Rate, Impact, Inequity, Inequality, Institutionalized Racism, Oppression, Racial Inequity Racist, Racism, Unconscious Bias, Violence, White Supremacy 

Video Clips

Source: PBS NewsHour. (2021, June 30). YouTube.

Source: Vox. (2018, August 23). The Fractured Politics of a Browning America. YouTube.

Source: Vox. (2020, July 26). What "defund the police" really means. YouTube.

Source: AJ+ (2020, October 21). How U.S. Politicians Rig Elections. YouTube.

Source: AJ+ (2022, June 24). The U.S. Isn't A Democracy. YouTube.

Source: AJ+ (2018, October 21). How The U.S Leaves Behind Its Own American Territories. YouTube.

Source: AJ+ (2017, May 25). How the U.S. Government Segregated Chicago. YouTube.


Book cover for Stolen Justice: The Struggle for African American Voting Rights by Lawrence Goldstone
The politicization of trans identity : an analysis of backlash, scapegoating, and dog-whistling from Obergefell to Bostock
book cover for Gerrymandering the states : partisanship, race, and the transformation of American federalism
Banning transgender conversion practices : a legal and policy analysis
book cover for  A peculiar indifference : the neglected toll of violence on Black America by Elliot Currie
book cover for white space black hood
book cover for  White backlash : immigration, race, and American politics
book cover for  Collateral damages : landlords and the urban housing crisis by Meredith J Greif
book cover for  The Wrong Complexion for Protection : How the Government Response to Disaster Endangers African American Communities by Robert Bullard
Book cover for Citizen Brown by Colin Gordon
book cover for inequality in us social policy by bryan warde
Book cover for Nobody: Casualties of America's War on the Vulnerable, from Ferguson to Flint and Beyond by Marc Lamont Hill
Book cover for Give Us the Ballot by Ari Berman
Book cover for the Color of Law: a Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America by Richard Rothstein
Book cover for  The deportation machine : America's long history of expelling immigrant by Adam Goodman
image for book cover segregation by design : local politics and inequality in American cities
book cover for  Planetary specters : race, migration, and climate change in the twenty-first century by Neel Ahuja
Book cover for the Politics of Voter Suppression by Tova Andrea Wang
Book Cover for The Possessive Investment in Whiteness: How White People Profit From Identity Politics
Pandemics and Polarization by Nathan Myers
Book cover for How Public Policy Impacts Racial Inequality
book cover for  Say it louder! : black voters, white narratives, and saving our democracy by Tiffany Cross
Book cover for Blood and Politics By Leonard Zeskind
Book cover for Open Season: Legalized Genocide of Colored People by Ben Crump
Book cover for Democracy in Black Democracy in Black: How Race Still Enslaves the American Soul
Book cover for Come Hell or High Water: Hurricane Katrina and the Color of Disaster by Michael Eric Dyson
book cover for  Shattered bonds : the color of child welfare by Dorothy Roberts
Book cover for Dog Whistle Politics: How Coded Racial Appeals Have Reinvented Racism & Wrecked the Middle Class by Ian Haney Lopez
Book Cover for Drug Laws and Institutional Racism by Cheryl Chambers
Book cover for Holes in the Safety Net: Federalism and Poverty by Ezra Rosser
Book cover for Everything You Love Will Burn by Vegas Tenold


image for podcast race and regulation

Race and Regulation

Episode: Citizenship, Race, and Political Inequality

Podcast: Trans Lash


Episode: A Coordinated Attack on Trans Youth

podcast for at liberty

At Liberty

Episode: Refugees of Color Matter Too

this land

This Land

Host Rebecca Nagle reports on how the far right is using Native children to attack American Indian tribes and advance a conservative agenda.

image for podcast still processing

Still Processing

Episode: When Your Neighbor’s the Highway

Image for podcast At Liberty

At Liberty

Episode: How the Supreme Court Could Silence Black Voters

image for podcast race and regulation

Race and Regulation

Episode: Redlined Forever?

Podcast: At Liberty

At Liberty

Episode: Why Is America so Keen on Separating Families?

Podcast: Immigration Nation

Immigration Natio‪n‬

Episode: Seeking Asylum in the United States

Podcast: Code Switch

Code Switch

America's Concentration Camps?

image for at liberty podcast

At Liberty

Episode:Protecting Women and Children Is a Shield for Transphobia

Podcast: Conversations

Vox Conversations

Episode: The Original Meaning of “Identity Politics”

(with Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor)

image for at liberty podcast

At Liberty

Episode:Student Debt Is a Racial Justice Issue​

Podcast: Black Gaze

Black Gaze

Episode: Voting in the Hood

At Liberty

Episode: Why Do We Take Voting Rights Away in America?

Podcast: Code Switch

Code Switch

Episode: Black And Up In Arms

Podcast for At Liberty

At Liberty

Episode: Do Black Americans Have the Right to Bear Arms?

Podcast: Momentum a race forward

Momentum: A Race Forward

Episode: Discussing Felony Disenfranchisement


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