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This guide covers the different types of music resources available at Milner Library.

Style Guides

Writing Manuals

Citing Sources

Learn about why we cite the sources we use, common styles for references and citations, and strategies for avoiding plagiarism.

  • Style Guides
    A list of commonly used styles: APA, MLA, Chicago / Turabian, Scientific / Medical. Select the style you need to get help on in-text citing and formatting your bibliography.
  • Manage Sources / Create References
    Provides a list of recommended tools to create a bibliography of references, facilitate in-text citing, and manage sources.
  • Why Cite Sources
    Provides reasons to cite sources, a quick list showing the difference between an in-text citation vs a reference list, and parts of a reference.
  • Avoiding Plagiarism
    Learn common strategies for avoiding plagiarism, the definition of what is plagiarism, five tips for avoiding plagiarism, examples of plagiarism, and a look at copyright.
  • Database Exporting & Cite Functions
    A table showing which databases provide a feature for creating a pre-formatted reference.
  • DOIs
    A quick overview on interpreting and finding DOIs.