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This guide covers the different types of music resources available at Milner Library.

Music Books

Most books on music can be found on the 6th floor of Milner Library. Search the library catalog to find out what books are in the collection.

Books in Milner Library are cataloged using the Library of Congress classification system. You can browse the following sections of call numbers on the shelf to find books related to music.

Call Number Range Subject
ML 100 - 109 Music Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
ML 410 Composer biographies
ML 549 - 1092 Instruments
ML 1400 - 3275 Vocal Music

Interested in how long you can check out a book? View the list of loan periods Milner resources.

Look at our Understanding Call Numbers guide for more information.

Reading eBooks

There are three ways to read eBooks:

  1. Read in your browser
  2. Download to your laptop or tablet
  3. Print one or more pages

In most instances, you will be prompted to log in using your ULID username and password before the eBook is displayed, whether or not you are on or off campus.

The steps to download or print an eBook are dependent on the publisher's website. Consult our eBook Guide for specific information about each format.


This is the first place you'll look for a book on music. This catalog searches the collection here at Milner.

Couldn't find what you wanted in Milner's catalog? Use the I-Share catalog to find books (and scores) in other Illinois libraries. You'll need to set up your I-Share account to request books through I-Share (ask a librarian if you have questions about this).

If you need to look beyond Milner's catalog and the I-Share catalog, Worldcat is the place to go. Worldcat lets you request books and scores from all over the USA and sometimes overseas. You can search for a book in Worldcat and it will automatically fill out an interlibrary loan request form for you (see below for information on interlibrary loan).

This Interlibrary Loan service lets you borrow books and scores outside Milner and other Illinois libraries. Click the link above and fill out the online form (ask a librarian if questions come up). You can order books directly through interlibrary loan or you can use Worldcat to populate the interlibrary loan order form.

Subject Headings

To find a book on a particular topic, search the library's catalog by subject (not just keyword). This strategy will help you find more relevant books more quickly!

Some subject headings to search for in music are:

Music - History and criticism

Music - Philosophy and Aesthetics

Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750

Music industry

Music - Performance

Scholarly Communication Librarian; Music Librarian

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