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This guide covers the different types of music resources available at Milner Library.

Finding Audio Recordings

Finding Audio Files and CDs

You can find CDs and CD inserts by searching for CDs containing musicians, music types, or composers that you are researching.  The process for finding audio files and CDs is very similar to the one for finding music scores.  Start with the Milner Library catalog Advanced Search.

  1. Change Everything to Library Catalog next to Search for.
  2. Enter the composer's name in one box and select Author/Creator from the Keyword dropdown next to that box. 
  3. Enter the type of music or specific name of a piece of music in the next box and leave the dropdown next to it set for Keyword.
  4. Change Material Type to Sound recordings. Choose Search.

The library offers many different audio formats including CDs and electronic audio files. 

Screenshot illustrating the four steps to search for music recordings.

Recordings in Milner

Milner Library currently has around 10,000 CDs that you can check out. We also subscribe to streaming audio and video databases.