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This guide covers the different types of music resources available at Milner Library.


This page helps you find percussion repertoire and research materials in Milner Library.

Subject Headings - Percussion

Search using partial and exact subject terms to see what we have in the collection. Below are some sample subject headings for percussion music and results from the Milner catalog. On the search results screen, use the filters on the left to limit results to books, scores, or recordings.

Concertos (Percussion)

Percussion ensembles

Timpani music

Call Numbers - Percussion

Use these call numbers and ranges to browse the stacks for percussion resources.


M 146              Solo drum

M 147              Solo bells

M 175              Solo other

M 284-M 285  One percussion instrument and piano

M 298              Duets that include at least one percussion instrument

M 385              for three percussionists

M 485              for four percussionists

M 585              for five percussionists ... pattern continues up through nine players

M 1038            Percussion with orchestra (full score)

M 1039            Percussion with orchestra (arranged, piano reduction)


ML 128 .P23     Repertoire guides

Method Books

MT 655.4        Percussion orchestral excerpts

MT 660           Timpani

MT 662           Snare or small drum

MT 711           Bells

MT 719           Mallets

MT 720           Orchestral bells

Search Tips - Percussion

Use the advanced search to combine terms (composer and title)

  • Example: Percussion Concerto AND Higdon

After doing search, use facets to reduce number of results or increase their relevance (limit to score)

Use controlled vocabulary and triangulation to find similar sources (subject headings, authors)

Use truncation to search word variances all at once – add asterisk to end of a word

  • Example: a search for percuss* will find results with the word percussion, percussionists, percussive

Journals - Percussion

Online Scores

Recordings - Percussion