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APA Style

A quick overview of how to use the APA Style and examples of in-text citations and references for a variety of different sources.

APA Style Structure of a Reference and In-text Citation

Source types typically follow the same general format. However, some source types require additional information and formatting. 

In Text Citation: Basic Structure

  • Only includes the author's (authors) last name followed by publication year and is in is parentheses (e.g. Adams, 2018)
  • Placed at the end of the sentence
  • Individual elements are separated by commas
  • If author (or authors) name is used in the sentence, only publication year is placed in parentheses and next to the author's name
    • e.g. - Adams and Brown (2018) highlight the use of...

References: Basic Structure

  • Second line of a reference is indented .5 inches (Hanging indent)
  • Each author's name is listed last name, first initial (e.g. Adams, S.)
  • Individual elements are separated by periods

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