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Systemic Racism

Criminal Justice and Corrections

 On this page you will find a sampling of resources related to Systemic Racism and Criminal Justice, broken down into the following sections:

Key Words for Social Justice/Anti-Oppression Searches:   Anti-Black, Association Between, Bias, Disparity, Disproportionate, Effect, Gap, High Rate, Impact, Inequity, Inequality, Institutionalized Racism, Oppression, Racial Inequity Racist, Racism, Unconscious Bias, Violence, White Supremacy

Criminal Justice and Corrections: Accountability, Broken-Windows Policing, Criminalized Economies, Criminalization of Poverty, Disparity, Excessive Force, Felon Disenfranchisement, Geospatial Policing, Hate Crime, Housing Assignments, Juvenile Detention, Mass Incarceration, Migrant Detention, Over Policing, Prison Labor, Prison Proliferation, Private/Profit Prison, Punishment, Qualified Immunity, Racial Disparities, Racial Profiling, Racialization of Crime and Punishment, School Suspensions, Solitary Confinement, State Violence, Under Policing, Victimization, White Supremacist Violence


Book cover for Policing Black Bodies by Angela J. Hattery and Earl Smith
Book cover for Arrested Justice: Black Women, Violence, and America's Prison Nation by Beth E. Richie
Book cover for Invisible No More by Andrea J. Ritchie
Book cover for Our Enemies in Blue by Kristian Williams
Book cover for You're Dead So What? by Cheryl L. Neely
Book cover for Say Her Name: Resisting Brutality
Book cover for Black Lives Matter by Marty Gitlin
Book cover for The End of Policing by Alex S. Vitale
Book cover for Policing the Black Man by
Book cover for Choke Hold: Policing Black Men by Paul Butler
Book cover for Spatializing Blackness by Rashad Shabazz
Book cover for Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect? by Maya Schenwar, Joe Macare', Alana Yu-lan Price, and Alicia Garza
Book cover for Misdemeanor Land by Issa Kohler-Haussman
Book cover for Occupied Territory: Policing Black Chicago by Simon Balto
Book cover for Hands Up Don't Shoot by Jennifer E. Cobbina
Book cover for You Can't Stop the Revolution by Andrea S. Boyles
Book cover for Rise of the Warrior Cop by Radley Balko
Book cover for Racial Profiling: Everyday Inequality by Alison Behnke
Book Cover for Punishment Without Crime: How Our Massive Misdemeanor System Traps the Innocent and Makes America More Unequal by Alexandra Natapoff
Book cover for Camera Power by Mary D. Fan
book cover for America On Fire by Elizabeth Hinton
Book cover for Black and Blue: Inside the Divide Between The Police and Black America by Jeff Pegues
Book cover for The Color of Justice by Samuel Walker, Cassia Spohn, and Miriam DeLone
Book cover for Have Black Lives Ever Mattered? by Mumia Abu-Jamal
Book cover for The Torture Letters by Laurence Ralph
Book cover for The War on Neighborhoods by Ryan Lugalia-Hollon and Daniel Cooper
Book cover for Suspect Citizens by Frank R. Baumgartner, Derek A. Epp, and Kelsey Shoub
Book cover for Policing the Planet by Christina Heatherton
Cover for Race, Ethnicity, Crime, and Justice by Matthe B. Robinson

Video Clips

Source: AJ+ (2021, April 20). Why It’s So Hard To Convict Police Officers. YouTube.

Source: AJ+ (2020, December 16). Why Black Neighborhoods Have More Police Than Others. YouTube.

Source: Vox. (2020, June 25). Why America's police look like soldiers. YouTube.

Source: The Atlantic. (2015, September 14). The Enduring Myth of Black Criminality. YouTube.

Source: Global CItizen. (2018, Sept. 21). Here's the Problem With the Cash Bail System.

Source: The New Yorker. (2016, March 1). The Epidemic of Mass Incarceration in the United States. YouTube.

Source: AJ+ (2018, November 20). Deaf, Black And A Victim Of Police Brutality. YouTube.

 Source: NYT - Visual Investigations. (2020, November 2). How U.S. Police Took a Hands-Off Approach to Armed Groups in 2020.YouTube.

Source: Origin of Everything. (2019, April 23).  Why Do We Have Private Prisons? YouTube.

Source: AJ+. (2021, March 12). ‘I Shouted For Help, But Nobody Helped Me’: Asian Americans Are Under Attack. YouTube.

Source: Vice News. (2020, December 3). Indigenous Women Keep Going Missing in Montana. YouTube.

Source: PBS NewsHour. (2020, October 21).  Why hundreds of migrant children remain separated from their parents. YouTube.

Source: AJ+ (2020, July 25). The Criminal Justice System Has a Mental Health Crisis. YouTube.

Source: TEDx Talks. (2013, October 16). The future of race in America: Michelle Alexander at TEDxColumbus [Video]. YouTube.


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