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World War II Posters: "Jenny on the Job"

Resource guide to World War posters in the Government Documents collection at Milner Library.

Posters issued by Public Health Services, 1943. Artist Kula Robbins


About Jenny

Star of this series is blond-haired, blue-eyed Jenny, serving as the model production worker. She offers an example to other women, probably new to industrial jobs, on working safely and efficiently, doing her best to help the war effort. The government encouraged entry of women into the workforce, replacing men fighting overseas.  “Jenny on the Job” showcases eight posters issued in 1943 by the United States Public Health Services. The artist was Kula Robbins.

Please Note

Please note the collection includes items for their historical perspective and significance. Milner Library in no way condones the use of language or images that is offensive to persons of any race, religion, disability status, ethnicity/national origin, gender or sexual orientation.

What's your favorite?

What's your favorite?
keeps fresh as a daisy: 15 votes (15.15%)
designed for victory: 9 votes (9.09%)
steps ahead with low heels: 12 votes (12.12%)
lifts weight the easy way: 2 votes (2.02%)
eats man size meals: 30 votes (30.3%)
let's keep our rest room clean: 5 votes (5.05%)
has her fun after work: 15 votes (15.15%)
gets her beauty sleep: 11 votes (11.11%)
Total Votes: 99

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