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World War II Posters

Resource guide to World War posters in the Government Documents collection at Milner Library.


Reemphasizing a partnership articulated by President Roosevelt in 1941, productivity in factories was a dominant theme among the WWII posters. Some posters directly stated the importance of production on the home front, while others offered a more symbolic representation (see Jean Carlu's contrasting rivet gun and machine gun).

Please Note

Please note the collection includes items for their historical perspective and significance. Milner Library in no way condones the use of language or images that is offensive to persons of any race, religion, disability status, ethnicity/national origin, gender or sexual orientation.

Increased Production

World War II poster, Production Poster, Good news from Home  World War II poster, Production Poster, Death on Subs World War II poster, Production Poster, Having See the Quality quotation by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt World War II poster, Production Poster, Give 'em both barrels    World War II poster, Production Poster, Keep the wheels turning, repair work is vital to the war effort

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