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World War II Posters

Resource guide to World War posters in the Government Documents collection at Milner Library.

War Bonds

World War II poster, School at War Jeep Campaign

 World War II poster, You buy 'em we'll fly 'em! Defense Bond Stamps  World War II poster, Victory now you can invest in it! Victory Loan  World War II poster, 85 million Americans hold war bonds World War II poster, Don't let that shadow touch them. Buy war bondsWorld War II poster, The sky's the limit. Keep buying war bondsWorld War II poster, Give war bonds. The present with a futureWorld War II poster, Protect his future. Buy and keep war bonds.World War II poster, Franklin Delano Roosevelt quotation, In the strength of great hope we must shoulder our common land. Buy victory bonds


The Treasury Department designed among the most vibrant posters during the war for the “War Bond” drives. Bonds and stamps were instrumental in financing the war and provided a mechanism to help citizens feel involved on the home front. Posters resonate with patriotic symbols such as the Statue of Liberty and American flag, as well as images of hard working and fighting men and women.

Lawrence Smith’s poignant 1942 artwork, “Don’t Let that Shadow Touch Them,” (displayed on the main floor) skillfully intimates the threat of fascism on the American way of life, represented in the poster by three innocent children.

The public bought more than $49 billion dollars of war bonds during the war. 


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