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World War II Posters

Resource guide to World War posters in the Government Documents collection at Milner Library.

Conserving Wood

World War II poster, We'll lick 'em, just give us the metalWorld War II poster, The Army is counting on you for more metal

 World War II poster, Wood lands our fighters, the Army and Navy need more lumber for landing barges World War II poster, Wood shelters our planes. The Army and Navy need 156,000,000 board feet a year for hangars World War II poster, Wood joins the colors! The Army and Navy need millions of board feet for barracks. 

World War II poster, Wood follows the flag.

World War II poster on Rubber Conservation, Make your rubber last


Though not as visually interesting as some of the other posters, the conservation series conveys a dramatic point that conservation on the home front for the war front played an important role in protecting those serving overseas and ultimately in winning the war

With a shortage of natural resources such as wood, paper, and rubber, civilians were asked to gather and donate any extra materials the might have to the war effort.

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Please note the collection includes items for their historical perspective and significance. Milner Library in no way condones the use of language or images that is offensive to persons of any race, religion, disability status, ethnicity/national origin, gender or sexual orientation.

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