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This guide provides in-depth instructions on how to use Zotero, organize sources, and create in-text citations and bibliographies.

Adding Sources with an RIS / other file formats

If the Browser Connector isn't working or you need to export a large number of records, you can save your sources in a generic format that you import into your Zotero library. Note: this option is not available with all types of search results.

  1. Search for and select or mark sources within the chosen database
  2. From the selected/marked list, export or save the sources either as an RIS or other file format*
    • Note: Wording differs among databases but is most often labeled as Export or Save
  3. Within Zotero, choose the Import… option from the File menu.
  4. Choose the A file (BibTex, RIS, Zotero RDF, etc.) option and click the Next button
  5. Browse to your RIS file, select it, and click the Open button.
  6. If you do not have a collection/folder created, check the Place new collections and items in a new collection option
  7. Select the Copy files to the Zotero storage folder and click the Next button
  8. Once the file is imported, click the Finish button to close the Import window
    • If you checked Place in a new collection option, the collection will be given the RIS files name.
    • If you didn't check Place in a new collection option, they are added to the main library and you will need to drag and drop them into an existing collection

*Note: you can also open the RIS file with Zotero directly. See this list of standardized file formats supported by Zotero.

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