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This guide provides in-depth instructions on how to use Zotero, organize sources, and create in-text citations and bibliographies.

Export an RIS file

An RIS file is a plain-text standard format that can be read by and imported into a variety of platforms.

  1. In the Zotero desktop app, select My Library or a specific collection from the left panel
    • If you want to export some source records,
      in the middle panel, select all of the sources you want to export
  2. Right click and choose Export Library... or Export Collection... or Export items…
  3. In the Format drop down, choose the format RIS
    Note: even though the Export Notes and Files options are available, RIS does not export pdf files
  4. Leave the Character Encoding option set to the default
  5. Click the OK button
  6. In the Export popup window, choose the folder you want to save the file in and name the file something you will recognize (important if you are exporting multiple collections)
  7. Click the Save button