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This guide provides in-depth instructions on how to use Zotero, organize sources, and create in-text citations and bibliographies.

Exporting Source Records

The are a different export file formats to export source records from Zotero. Which option you choose depends on what you need to do with the exported source records.

Don't use this option to create a bibliography from a collection or specific source records. Consult the Create Bibliographies page for step by step instructions on how to create a bibliography.

The two most common file formats are:

  • Zotero RFD file
    this allows you to export a collection or entire Library, including pdfs and other files, to move to another computer where you will use the Zotero Desktop app.
  • RIS file
    this is a plain text file that includes only the basic information of each sources record. This is a good option when you are moving to a different source manager or uploading to a platform like Watermark/Digital Measures